Abstract Art and Your Soul


Abstract (From the Latin: Abstractio –- removal, diversion) is an artistic movement that rejects the “real life” image. It is recognizable images, but rather a merging bold, clean colors and linear forms. In an abstract painting not see recognizable images that you are familiar with everyday life. Instead, you will find a variety of mergers color, the culmination of various shapes, drops, lines and colors.

THE EMERGENCE of abstract art

Abstract art as an individual, artistic movement in early 20th Century recognized. It has gradually become a strong impression to the public. People have been drawing abstract images of antiquity in the form of doodles, squiggles and circles. Abstract forms may be found in many cultures in decorative painting. So why abstract painting is a means of expression and a voice for so many artists abroad for thousands of years?

abstract art and feelings

Many artists rejected painting concrete, real-life “objects, since they felt that they could hit the broad range of human emotions and suffering. It is possible that he could worship, sadness, hope and faith are in pictures? It is obvious that these feelings as colors are in the mind of the artist. Many of the images represent the spiritual suffering of artists have been translated into colorful images on the canvases of abstract painting. The rejection is ‘real life’, may the souls of artists and transportation, where possible, employing the internal, spiritual side of people in the pictures.

The famous Russian artist Vasily Kandinsky (1866-1944) firmly believes that limiting the representations of subjects, characters and landscapes of the artist himself. As a result, felt that the extraction of liberated imagination and allowed him to splash his emotions through the colorful pictures.

ABSTRACT art and music

Abstract Art In a way similar to the music. Abstract How the law applies, screen music, and recognizable forms is not known, but revives the soul, a multitude of feelings and experiences through sound. Abstract art paintings reminiscent of the same feelings, but through. As with music, art is an expression of the spiritual side of the face. Vasilij Kandinskii also decorated many of his works with musical names like “improvisation” and “Composition”. Kandinskii often talked about sounds and full “Chorus of Colors.” Some say that Kandinskii successful in the music world EXPRESSE artwork.

ABSTRACT, intellectual creations

With the help of colors, abstract art allows the artist to most people “to express their spiritual feelings, their faith, their prayers and their love for God. D Cast of abstract, intellectual creations of young artists Moscow Maria Skrebtsova. He claims that “I moments in my life I want to grow beyond the limits of words and to present a series of large and exciting images to create beautiful colors. And then the pictures just so. There are landscapes, portraits and still life paintings. It is an effort for the love of God through the eyes of someone who is hungry to represent, I feel God’s love. Painting is my icons for a generation of people who will have the spiritual power of God’s love is always present in this world. ”

CHARISMATIC POWER abstract, intellectual creations

Acquaintances and friends of Mary Skrebstova often advised to help them, their images in a difficult and trying times, in addition to prayer and meditation. At first glance, many people conjure up thoughts about the importance of spirituality. It is understood that there is a sacred world beyond the world we know is always encouraging for the people. The charismatic artist of abstract painting with light and ignite other colors!

Mystical art galleries in the Russian artists. The details are amazing images that “art therapy. Builds” All the spiritual and harmonious world.

If one of the best abstract painting in the world could gather in a museum would be a place where no words are needed, which will culminate world peace, loyalty and admiration. This place was a sanctuary of love, a haven for spiritual existence of man.

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