Abstract Art: Consider As Therapy

Abstract art is not only a mixture of colorful shapes unreasonable and arbitrary shapes.

It seems to me some therapeutic value in most enigmatic characters were very different forms are now available. What is considered to be the most important decision in a very careful examination of the target group in relation to the choice of the corresponding graphic. This is not to be taken seriously and addressed quickly. Nobody can cover the wide range of different target groups: a full conference room environment or a single office or place in quick thinking, quick reactions and serious decisions are necessary, or an employee who is simply a hard day of work to be repeated massage to try and easily observed visually through a puzzle, or even the area in which the desperate and often misunderstood person gradually loses the temporary attachment to the sense of reality. There is a huge variety of options.

Here are some suggestions compounds in terms of the artist’s view:

Color plays an obvious role in treatment and therapeutic crafted carefully selected pieces will be found, and are designed to be color-field work, which is growing in popularity, first by artists like Mark Rothko and Ellsworth Kelly, with large areas of empty space will add an overall sense of serenity and calm in an otherwise hectic and loud environment. With very few differences can in this big picture a gentle sense of immersion in abstract slow any silence or irritated irratic thought, and even support the adrenal a creative challenge.

Figures Indefinite or projects from the likes of Jackson Pollock, Peter lanyon, and Howard Hodgkin (again similar projects of these very different abstract styles inspired in many exhibitions, galleries and shops to see), show a very positive association, and perhaps persuade a spirit filled with irrational thoughts, pause, only the apparent spontenaiety, and then another direction. Style lymphoma particular projects can be regarded as a puzzle painting inwhich the observer has no real reference point, is free to “start” somewhere in the picture. And because there are very few designated areas at times the viewer firmly bound, itself or through the specimen with little emotion and is therefore free to submit a comment – positive or not.

Let us not be disputed, but the fact that much of an image that has the potential to cause adverse reaction can also be of great value to the observers, who could not really see such an ambitious picture that club so badly results will benefit. Better than what existed in the wall inside the head. In this case, the classical associations of blood and danger to the red, black for death and sin, coffee damage and disease, with dramatic lines and movement in a painting is just as valuable if stimulii results the right environment. This comes back to the point I made at the beginning – the selection of an image, must be treated with special care must be taken to learn that a work of art that speaks directly to the deepest part of the observer.

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