Abstract Art – Door to Promotion at Work

I just wanted to promote, but suddenly, our company undertook the new administration. For reasons unknown to me, our new director, I liked the first interview.

Of course, as the project involved, it could be to blame. However, struggling to find a common ground, however, and after a few months away from that, I am fairly dismissed all chances of progress in the company. Thank God I am not premature, as who would have thought that would eventually find a common interest, and not even in terms of work, but Panel.

Shortly after my boss works in the company, major repairs carried out on site. Our offices have been transformed before our eyes. Old wallpaper and paint crumbles replaced with modern interior, all of our office looked very elegant and refined. That is, there are missing images on the wall, our eyes a welcome respite from looking at screens all day. Unfortunately, the old life I had hanging on my wall is not really adapted the general atmosphere of the modern style, so some good people told me to go and after a few abstract paintings that went very well with any interior. I took a short course on abstract art, which helped to select an abstract work for our office.

On a sunny morning, my manager came to my office. When the images looked for ages and finally said:

– What’s new in this picture?

– It’s a bird, I said. – A symbol of freedom, happiness and inner freedom.

– Is that so? Exclaimed. – And what about this?

Well, one led to another and we were sitting in a cafe, discussing the advantages of abstract painting. It became clear that my manager for some time, as the images delivered to your home, including, but not yet in a position to decide.

– Why not try an abstract painting? Said. These beautiful works of art are harmoniously blended attack on almost every type of home. They look like a modern type and I follow the modern fashion. Abstract canvas would be so appropriate for you.

– Do not be confused score anyway? He asked anxiously.

– No, certainly not! Answer. – Exactly the opposite is actually downloads of interest to the rich style and symbolism, your customers will really be what they have to say the pictures will inspire you. Similar to how you express your interest to the artwork in our office.

Lunch break, I managed my boss will give an overview of the harmony of abstraction in painting at home. I told him about the different colors and abstract art could be the focal point of the room and exciting, with soft tones. We talked about symbolism and discussing the benefits of art therapy, where abstract art plays a very important role.

I pointed out that an abstract canvas could grow at current is. To strengthen the heart and soul, I advised my boss to order a table from the photo and said that the harmony will be complementary to live nicely in a modern style.
I can also say that we became friends, because the debate about art?. Shortly after a few days ago I found a note on my desk. It was a letter for promotion!

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