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Many people do not understand abstract paintings. Assume that all images should look something like a picture, and anything that does not mean “strange”. Sometimes it is an abstract painting that looks like a bunch of random colors to see and think, “wow. .. Looks like he painted 5 years!” These people are in “all art is like to be realistic” trap.

For people who are not very familiar with the various art forms, since culture is not so unusual. However, there are some things to consider that can help increase your appreciation of abstract art, among other things: He did not want “something” – All the projects will not look like photos to contribute. This is important because it is the first list.

Note the physical properties of painting – how are the textures? Color is thick or thin? Is so dense that it can rise from the canvas and what are the colors? Do mix well together or clash, how to make you feel? – I think too long about what should be, not how it feels to focus. Does this make you happy; Sad; Relaxed; To give you an example, once I saw an abstract painting, which was very large (8 feet by 8-foot canvas), I could tell very quickly, was painted heavy, bad beats.

There was a very red and black in the painting, which was found to be very strong sense of color. I could tell the artist experienced anger and painted. When I read the information sheet on the painting, said the artist who painted a night, then came home and found the apartment had been robbed. It was very angry, and translate into projects.

The feelings of the painting gives me exactly what the artist was feeling when he painted. Not all like – is perfectly fine in an abstract painting the same as any other image may dislike dislike. I hope these tips will start to see abstract art in a new way.

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