Nature Photography: Art or Technology?

Nature photography as an art form has for a long time, but recently on the walls of the gallery to-market is found. This is a big change 20 years ago, when photography nature was worth only second rate cards and calendars.

Over the years, began to improve in quality cards and calendars as nature photographers with a lot of talent in the industry. High-quality posters of whales, wolves, elephants and spectacular landscapes from around the world suddenly worth making. Finally nature photography galleries began to appear and, above all, profit.

When I opened my gallery in 1993, many people still believe that it could sell to make a picture that people will live only buy paintings hanging on the walls. These days, new galleries open everywhere, some good, some not so good and hit some really long time.

All these activities in the world of nature photography has inspired new generations of photographers nature photography as a hobby or job search possible. This new nature photographer grew up in a very different world than I come. Technology was unexpected since it is now standard, and new photographers have more power than ever in their hands. But what impact does all this technology for nature photography?


Nature photographers must now decide whether they accept that the photo, which will be shaped by technology. In earlier days, it required good nature photography is a very simple idea, you will find a big issue in the best possible light, and use your skills, according to a camera, what you saw. Today is a different story. A wildlife photographer can (if desired) you can find a decent theme, photo, which will find the light is even, then go home and completely change the color, contrast and the image details. The result is an image that has been more the wonders of technology, as grateful for the wonders of nature.

In each his own. It is not to judge the creative decisions of another photographer. But the question deserves the back of your mind now is to ask, is this kind of photography?

Each photographer has the right to exercise their craft, they choose. Skills course in computer software are equally creative and traditional nature photography skills. However, the person who has seen a picture is worth a look to know that, especially if that person is a client with a portion of their hard-earned money ready.

I know many photographers get very defensive about this. Camera clubs around the world continue to be manipulated with the issue of evaluation of natural images with images in the fight. Some clubs have tried to split the competition into different categories, only to find people sneaking their digitally processed pictures in the same category for equal recognition. Understandably want to “software that allows photographers to their talents at the same level as recognized, the” all photographers-in camera. And should, but in a way that ignored the difference between the two disciplines.

This is not an attempt to assess the capabilities of software photographers disrepute. It seems only that, knowing the public, particularly paying customer deserves to be.

Increasingly, the public is always suspect a good photo. What is large or unusual should now be modified to handle or use software. In many cases, it probably is. Unfortunately, the suspicion (no minimum price to traditional photographers, and many of us out there) who prefer to do the work in the field before you press the shutter, and reproduce what the day caught.

Is that you can not imagine if this happened to you how annoying it is proudly displayed in your best photo nature, only to hear how people say: “These days everything is done by computer.”

For the record, my photography is as traditional as can be in the digital age. The software is always important to my job as I do with the scanning of slides, thousands of my long journey to go thought. Do not change a photo, but make sure the color balance and contrast that the photo paper fits with the original film. It is also a huge benefit to finally be able to restore the image scratched or otherwise damaged by age.

I know the temptation to use the software to improve and change the pictures are not only inevitable but also legitimate photo an old-fashioned nature. However, I still encourage people to learn real skills, and camera, so that the use of software to manipulate images is a creative choice, not a cure for the lack of capacity. Fortunately, the demand for ebooks shows me that there are many people who think there the same way.

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