Painting: The Early History

be taken literally, the art of painting is the process of applying paint to a surface – such as paper, wood, glass or canvas. If taken in an artistic sense, art is to create an image or a color expression by these applications to document and represent different intentions and motives for the request artist. Since there are countless explanations of what painting can be and what it represents, each artist is worth a look in the painting began – thus shedding some light on why the art of painting is such an integral part of human culture and art.

The oldest paintings in the world from the Grotte Chauvet Cave in France is probably around 32,000 years of life. This painting began as an image carved in the rock face, with the color to pretend later – red ocher and black pigment placed carefully to create images of horses, buffaloes, lions, mammoths, rhinos and even a few photographs of people who go on a hunt.

The interesting thing is that the cave in France was not the only place where the cave paintings found – independent of each other, people came to make this concept, color photographs to show things that were important to document, to learn some may not understand. Other examples of cave art have found places as diverse as Australia, Spain, Portugal, India and even China!

Of course, there are many ideas of why people decided to paint one of the most popular theories is the idea of images as a means to “capture” a spirit animal. In this sense, a hunter or warrior is a picture of an animal that wanted to hunt and kill painted, and capture the animal in a picture, I believe, in effect, “capture” the animal spirit, condemned to their fate – or at least allowing them to catch the light!

Other ideas focused on the most simplistic notion that early humans simply wanted to pay tribute to the nature around them, whether as a declaration of loyalty to the gods or nature, only the assessment of surrounding beauty. The idea is to yield scientific belief that all people an innate need to bring in one or another way to express – and equally modern society, people expressed through various media such as painting or architecture or sewing, people of ancient times contains probably followed the same path!

Either way there is no doubt that it will create a human need and to express themselves, and shine it, however, that this desire – this move on the icon and displays and expressions with different colors and designs – from the earliest roots of human history. Thus, painting an innate part of human nature: Is the assessment of beauty, but is expressed in visual form.

History of painting

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